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How To Choose The Best Fully Automatic Weapon

  Automatic weapons revolutionized WWII warfare. Soldiers could fight faster, intensifying battles. But which was the best? Enter the German MG42! It had an awesome firing rate and power. Allied troops were terrified of it. The American M2 Browning and the Soviet PPSH-41 submachine gun were also noteworthy. But the MG42 stood out for its battlefield performance. So much so, many countries kept using it after WWII. An incredible story is of a group of German soldiers with an MG42 who held off an entire battalion of Allied troops for hours! Its firepower and fear factor earned it a place in history as one of the deadliest weapons ever. What is the Best Fully Automatic Weapon on  Modern Warfare World War II When it comes to selecting the top fully automatic weapons for Modern Warfare World War II, one needs to analyze the various options available in terms of accuracy, fire rate, and damage. Such an analysis helps determine which weapons offer maximum kill potential while minimizing reco

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