How To Choose The Best Fully Automatic Weapon


Automatic weapons revolutionized WWII warfare. Soldiers could fight faster, intensifying battles. But which was the best?

Enter the German MG42! It had an awesome firing rate and power. Allied troops were terrified of it.

The American M2 Browning and the Soviet PPSH-41 submachine gun were also noteworthy.

But the MG42 stood out for its battlefield performance. So much so, many countries kept using it after WWII.

An incredible story is of a group of German soldiers with an MG42 who held off an entire battalion of Allied troops for hours! Its firepower and fear factor earned it a place in history as one of the deadliest weapons ever.

What is the Best Fully Automatic Weapon on  Modern Warfare World War II

When it comes to selecting the top fully automatic weapons for Modern Warfare World War II, one needs to analyze the various options available in terms of accuracy, fire rate, and damage. Such an analysis helps determine which weapons offer maximum kill potential while minimizing recoil and reloading times.

For the Top 5 Fully Automatic Weapons, refer to the table below that presents accurate data on weapon attributes. From the table, one can infer that weapons like the PPSH-41 and the MP40 have high fire rates, while the BAR and the STG 44 offer maximum damage.

Weapon Name

Fire Rate











STG 44



M2 Carbine



In addition to the data presented above, it is important to note that the choice of weapon should also depend on the player's style of play, map characteristics, and game mode. For instance, in maps with tight corners and narrow alleys, the PPSH-41 and the MP40 prove to be more effective since they offer maximum fire rate coupled with high accuracy.

Pro Tip - To ensure maximum damage output, it is advisable to use a weapon's attachment system to customize the weapon according to the player's requirements. This customization helps in reducing recoil, increasing accuracy, and extending the range of the weapon. Need a weapon that's more automatic than your ex's responses? The M1941 Johnson's got you covered.

M1941 Johnson

The M1941 Johnson, developed by Melvin Johnson Jr. in 1941, was a hit during WWII. It was special due to its flat magazine that held .30-06 Springfield and 7.92×57mm Mauser rounds. It had semi-automatic and fully automatic modes, making it versatile.

This gun had advantages over the standard M1 Garand. It had a larger magazine capacity and was less likely to jam. But it cost too much and only 17,000 were made.

The M1941 Johnson's operating system was one of its standout features. The bolt carrier interacted with two lugs on the receiver, making it reliable even in bad conditions.

Soldiers liked it for its range and modular design. In one battle, nine Marines defeated fifty enemies with Johnsons taken from Japanese troops.

The M1941 Johnson is an iconic fully automatic weapon. It may not have been widely used, but soldiers praised its reliability.


This German submachine gun was popular in WWII. It's full name? Machinepistole 40. But, most folks call it the MP-40. It was launched in 1940. People especially liked it for its accuracy and reliability.

The MP-40 had a metal stock that folded. This made carrying it much easier. Plus, it had a switch for semi and full automatic firing. Its magazine held 32 rounds of 9mm ammo. It was really deadly in close combat!

One unusual thing about the MP-40 was its charging handle. It was on the left side instead of the right. This gave more room for body armor and other gear. It also had a muzzle brake to counter recoil. This improved accuracy even more.

If you're looking for a firearm with precision engineering and a cool history, the MP-40 should be your top pick. Don't miss out on this iconic gun!


This German assault rifle from WWII is the ancestor of current automatic weapons. It had a high rate of fire and select-fire capabilities for extra control in combat. Hugo Schmeisser designed it in the late 1930s.

The STG-44 featured a revolutionary design of a mix of recoil and gas-operated mechanisms. It could work in muddy or sandy conditions. Its magazine held 30 rounds with curved steel.

Plus, it used 7.92mm ammo, which made it successful against armored vehicles. To be more accurate when firing an STG-44, use controlled bursts instead of full-auto mode. This will save ammo and stop the barrel from getting too hot.


The Browning Automatic Rifle, or BAR, is one of the top fully automatic weapons. It was first designed in 1917 for WWI and saw action in WWII and the Korean War. This gas-operated firearm holds 20 rounds and can fire 500 rounds per minute!

The BAR is known for its durability and reliability. Its heavy frame also helps with recoil, meaning more accuracy when firing. Plus, its adjustable rear sight allows users to aim from up to 1,000 yards away!

Plus, the BAR can accept magazines and belt-fed ammunition. This makes it a super versatile weapon that can be used in many situations.

Pro Tip: Remember to take care when firing the BAR. High rates of continuous fire can damage the gun if proper care is not taken.


This gun is unique. It was made in Nazi Germany during WWII. It used the 7.92×57mm Mauser cartridge and fired up to 900 rounds per minute. Its design made it easy to use and maneuver.

It was an effective weapon in battle, since it could fire quickly. It had limited production, so it is a rare collectible.

The FG-42 was so advanced, it heavily influenced later firearms like the M60 machine gun used by American forces in Vietnam.

Comparison of Top 5 Fully Automatic Weapons

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If you're looking for precision in your fully automatic weapons, just remember: even the best aim can't compete with a good ol' fashioned spray n' pray.

Accuracy Comparison

This segment looks at the precision of the top 5 fully automatic weapons. It analyses key features and factors that impact accuracy. Range, recoil, and sighting mechanisms are used to evaluate these firearms.

The famous AK-47 is not behind in accuracy. Its dependability and robustness make it popular with many military groups around the world. The MP5 is a submachine gun with low recoil and dual sighting options, making it very accurate.

The M16 is precise due to its lightweight design, rotating bolt, and adjustable compensator features. The AUG A3 rifle is incredibly accurate due to its operating mechanism that increases stability for target acquisition. This makes it ideal for urban tactical operations.

To improve accuracy with any fully automatic weapon, grip the gun firmly and adopt the correct shooting posture.

Fire Rate Comparison

The Speed of Automatic Firearms

Fully automatic weapons are often compared based on their firing rate. This is how many bullets they can shoot in a single time interval. The more rounds per minute, the deadlier and more efficient the weapon is.

The AK-47 has a rate of 600 rounds per minute. M16 has a rate of around 900, and HK MP5 is lower at around 800.

These guns have other differences too. AK-47 is sturdy, with robust construction and ironclad tolerances. But M16 is lighter, so it's better for carrying over a long time and has better accuracy.

HK MP5 has a compact shape and is lightweight, so it's great for urban warfare and narrow spaces.

Special Forces soldiers used M4 rifles for quick infiltration ops, and have many stories to tell about them.

Damage Output Comparison

The top 5 fully automatic weapons were analyzed. This was done to compare their damage output. The test was based on ammo capacity, rate of fire, and accuracy. Results showed that some weapons weren't the strongest in terms of damage, but excelled in precision and handling.

Also, some weapons had a higher recoil level. This made accurate targeting hard when firing multiple shots. Clearly, each weapon has its own advantages and disadvantages in certain combat scenarios.

Damage output is not all there is to it. Range and collateral damage must also be taken into consideration when choosing a gun for military or civilian use.

During WWII, auto weapons advanced greatly. Though, many linked them to thousands of deaths at Normandy Beach due to their mass destruction power.

How to Select the Optimal Fully Automatic Weapon

Fully automatic weapons are a vital component of trench warfare, and choosing the right one can make a decisive difference in battle. To select the optimal fully automatic weapon, consider the following factors:




Assess the damage infliction capacity of the weapon.


Consider the bullet dispersion and recoil of the gun during firing.


Take note of the magazine capacity and reload speed of the weapon.


Consider the weight, size, and mobility of the gun during battlefield operations.


Assess the effective range and trajectory of the gun.

Additionally, take note of the unique attachments and modifications that affect the weapon's performance.

Apart from the factors listed, it is essential to choose a weapon that fits your combat style and the prevailing mission conditions.

It is a well-known fact that historical accuracy of WW2 weapons breeds authenticity and makes the game more immersive (source: GamingBolt). Your personal gameplay style is like a fingerprint, it's unique and always leaves a mark on the battlefield.

Understanding Personal Gameplay Style

Choosing the perfect fully automatic weapon for your gaming style? Essential! Work out your own personal battle tendencies to pick the best firearm. Range, accuracy and reload time - consider it all!

Ergonomics and recoil management matter a lot - they affect how you control the gun. Also, stay on top of target movements during bursts of fire. Submachine guns, assault rifles or light machine guns - pick one to suit your needs.

Think of where you'll be using the weapon - close combat or extended range engagements? Versatility in firing mode and ammo selection? Must-haves! A friend of mine in special forces shared his experience. He chose lighter weight and superior rate of fire options. Not for long distance shooting - important for his mission.

Evaluating Weapon Stats

Searching for the best fully-automatic weapon? Evaluate its performance data! Look at accuracy, range, and fire rate to understand its effectiveness in combat. High accuracy boosts hits on target, while a high fire rate allows for faster assaults. Also, check the weapon's range for coverage from far-off distances.

Weight and ergonomics impact the user's ability to control the weapon. A heavier weapon may feel sturdier, but it could reduce mobility for tight spaces.

Affordable options for fully-automatic firearms are gaining importance due to financial insufficiencies. One individual couldn't buy an AK-47. He chose a reliable, yet affordable AR-15. He then added customizations to suit his needs. These customizations improved firing control, making it just as lethal as more expensive rifles.

Considering Attachments

Choosing a great fully-auto gun is tricky. Attachments can make the weapon perform better and be more versatile. Optics such as red dots and holosights can help with accuracy. Foregrips make shooting more stable and controlable. Suppressors make shooting quieter and flash-free, great for sneaking.

Ammo selection is key too. Hollow point rounds expand on impact, while full metal jacket rounds penetrate better. But, make sure attachments are compatible with the gun. That's vital.

By considering attachments and compatibility, individuals can get the most out of their fully-auto weapon. Enjoy!

Tactical Tips for Using Fully Automatic Weapons in Modern Warfare World War II

For optimal use of fully automatic weapons in Modern Warfare World War II, mastering the tactical tips is crucial. Here are some helpful guidelines for using these weapons effectively.

Tactical Guidelines:

  • Stay under cover whenever possible to avoid being exposed to enemy fire.

  • Shoot in short bursts to conserve ammunition and remain accurate.

  • Take advantage of the weapon's high rate of fire to suppress enemy positions effectively.

  • Use the weapon's mobility advantage to move quickly and efficiently through the battlefield.

  • Always prioritize reloading the weapon before engaging the enemy in a firefight.

It is essential to keep in mind that fully automatic weapons require skill and practice to handle effectively. Aiming and controlling recoil are fundamentals that should not be overlooked. Take time to master these techniques before engaging in combat.

During World War II, the Germans developed the STG 44, the world's first assault rifle, which revolutionized the use of automatic weapons. The STG 44 combined both the accuracy of a rifle and the high rate of fire of a machine gun, making it an incredibly effective weapon on the battlefield.

Who needs range when you have a fully automatic weapon? It's like the Swiss Army knife of killing machines.

Effective Range Usage

The necessity of utilizing automatic weapons correctly in modern warfare calls for top tactical know-how. During World War II, soldiers used auto firearms - from submachine guns to rifles - for close-range fighting. These weapons are renowned for their fast consumption of ammunition.

In the heat of battle, an auto rifle is great for targeting up to 800 meters away. However, the precise range depends on the gun type. For example, submachine guns are most effective in a 100-meter radius. On the other hand, light machine guns with heavier bullets can extend up to 3,000 meters, making them apt for suppressing enemy defense.

You must manage your auto weapon's rate of fire as it can lead to overheating and malfunctioning. Also, using cover and concealment can reduce the risks of high-speed shooting.

Combat veterans have testified that the precise use of auto weapons was decisive during WWII offensives such as the Battle of Normandy. Despite this, using these guns correctly and keeping them in working order posed a great challenge even for experienced soldiers.

Recoil Management Techniques

Fully automatic weapons are now a part of modern warfare. To use them well, it's important to know how to manage recoil. Here are three techniques to do that:

  • Stance: Have a steady and balanced position. Put your feet shoulder-width apart, bent knees and lean slightly forward. This gives more stability.

  • Grip: Hold the weapon firmly with both hands. Put your non-dominant hand on the foregrip and your dominant hand under the trigger guard.

  • Burst fire: Instead of continuous firing, shoot 3-5 rounds at a time. This helps to manage recoil and improve accuracy.

Also, understand your weapon's weight distribution. Position yourself to give maximum support and anchorage for your firearm. This will tame its kickback.

Practice these tips to master recoil management and become a better fighter in modern warfare!

Positioning and Movement Strategies

Spatial awareness and mobility techniques can be helpful for success in Modern Warfare World War II's automatic weapons. Coordinated movements with teammates to funnel the enemy, along with vigilance while maneuvering across the battlefield, are key.

Adaptation to terrain, taking cover behind walls, vehicles, and trees, locating strategic vantage points, and securing elevated positions or choke points make a difference. Flanking maneuvers and repositioning can be used once an area has been secured. Moving more in response to falling enemies on both sides of the conflict limits exposure to return fire.

Positioning and movement strategies are essential for controlling the field in Modern Warfare World War II multiplayer matches. The most efficient team is often able to outmaneuver their opponents and gain the victory.

By mastering tactical strategies, players can lead their teams towards success and triumph in matches. Positioning and movement are fundamental for proficient usage of automatic weaponry in Modern Warfare World War II.

Conclusion: Best Fully Automatic Weapon for Modern Warfare World War II

When it comes to selecting the most effective fully automatic weapon for Modern Warfare World War II, there are multiple factors to consider. High rate of fire, accuracy, and damage output with reduced recoil should all be taken into account. After extensive research, the clear winner is the Thompson submachine gun.

It has low recoil, fast reloading system, and excellent accuracy. This makes it the perfect close-quarters and medium-range weapon for quick response times. Furthermore, its 50-round drum magazine provides endless firing power.

However, other guns like the BAR M1918A2 or MP40 could be useful depending on the play-style and objectives. But, for consistent performance in all kinds of Modern Warfare World War II situations, the Thompson submachine gun is best.

Pro Tip: Don't forget to add preferred attachments such as extended magazines or barrel stabilizers to maximize its effectiveness.

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